Bio Info

  • Birth Date
  • 18/05/2000
  • Birth Place
  • Australia
  • Gender
  • Female
  • Height
  • 5’3
  • Weight
  • 39kg
  • Makes Offer
  • GF Exp
  • Nationality
  • Australian
  • Work Location
  • Jaipur
  • Knows Language
  • English
  • Skin Tone
  • Fair

Hi darling, my name is Karina, a super model in Jaipur by profession and an escort by passion. Why being a call girl is my passion you ask? My passion is having raw animal sex, and what better place to get that than the best Jaipur escort agency, right? I get to do what I like and I get paid for that. The maturity of Indian men, their masculinity and their personality just get the juices flowing between my legs.

Speaking about legs, let me tell you about a few of my special features:

  • Lips: Red hot. Melts whatever it touches instantly. You decide where to put my lips.
  • Face: Innocent face just for you to grab and rough up.
  • Neck: Extremely sensitive, and prepared for extensive loads.

How does that sound to you baby? I mean, are you thinking about doing stuff to me based on my description of me? Well, that was the intention 😉. Call me now and we can realize whatever you were imagining.

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